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1. Chemical Synthesis of Glycans up to a 128-Mer Relevant to the O-Antigen of Bacteroides vulgatus(Prof. Biao Yu)
2. Antimicrobial Thioether Compounds as Bacterial Transcription Inhibitors and Synthetic Study(Dr. Cong Ma)
3. New Generation Kinase Inhibitors Overcoming Clinically Acquired Resistance (Prof. Ke Ding)
4. A New Method for Data Storage (Dr. Zhongping Yao)
5. Activation & Biosynthetic Studies of a Cryptic Gene Cluster Revealing New Insights into Type II PKSs (Prof. Gongli Tang)
6. Supramolecular Soft Functional Materials (Dr. King Chi Leung, Franco)
7. Non-Specific and Specific Interactions Cooperate to Promote Cytidine Deamination Catalyzed by APOBEC3 (Prof. Chunyang Cao)
8. Inhibiting Breast Cancer Progression by Targeting SND1 Using a Novel Peptide Identified from Phage Display (Prof. Ming-cheung Chow, Larry)
9. Visible-Light-Induced Reactivity of Alkoxyl Radicals (Prof. Yiyun Chen)
10. 2,2-Difluorovinyl Benzoates as Building Blocks for Diverse Synthesis of gem-Difluoroalkenes and gem-Difluoroenol Ethers by Ni-Catalyzed Cross Coupling Reactions (Prof. Wing-yiu Yu, Michael)
11. A General and Phosphoregulatable Binding Mode Shared by Autophagy Receptors to Interact with FIP200 Claw Domain for Selective Autophagy Initiation (Prof. Lifeng Pan)
12. Recent Studies on the Chemical Reactions of 2-Alkynylaryl Aldehydes (Dr. Man-kin Wong)
13. Chiral Diboron Templated Asymmetric Reductive Coupling of Imines (Prof. Wenjun Tang)
14. Targeting EPH Receptor B2 as a Novel Therapeutic Strategy Against Liver Cancer (Dr. Kin-wah Lee, Terence)
15. Enzyme Design and Direct Evolution for Chemo-Enzymatic Drug Synthesis (Prof. Liang Lin)
16. Palladium-Catalyzed Csp2-O Bond Activation: Potential Application in Drug Synthesis (Dr. Chau-ming So)
17. Profiling Protein Interactions by Affinity Purification with Monolithic Columns in Combination with Label-Free Quantitative Proteomics (Prof. Jingwu Kang)
18. Demolishing the Great Wall of Biofilms: Development of Anti-biofilm Inhibitors (Dr. Song-lin Chua)
19. The Search for Novel Small-molecule Inhibitors of Lysyl-tRNA Synthetase (Prof. Pengfei Fang)
20. Elucidating the Genetic Mechanisms of Drug Resistance by Insertional Mutagenesis (Dr. Wee-keong Keng, Vincent)