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1. Total Synthesis and Structural Revision of Miharamycins and Amipurimycin(Prof. Biao Yu)
2. Development of Inhibitors for Peptidoglycan Glycosyltransferase in Bacterial Cell Wall Synthesis(Prof. Kwok-yin Wong)
3. A KAS-III Heterodimer in Lipstatin Biosynthesis(Prof. Wen Liu)
4. Development of Arginase for Cancer Treatment(Prof. Thomas Y.C. Leung)
5. Biosynthesis, Combinatorial Biosynthesis, and Genome Mining of Complex Aromatic Polyketides(Prof. Gongli Tang)
6. Photoredox Decarboxylative C(sp3)-N Coupling of alpha-Diazoacetates with Alkyl N-Hydroxyphthalimide Esters for Diversified Synthesis of Functionalized N-Alkyl Hydrazones(Dr. Wing-yiu Yu)
7. Biocompatible Visible-Light-Induced Chemistry(Prof. Yiyun Chen)
8. Asymmetric Gold Catalysis and Synthetic Utility of Propargylamines(Dr. Man Kin Wong)
9. Chemical Proteomics for Drug Discovery(Dr. Qian Zhao)
10. Imaging of DNA G-Quadruplex Structures in Living Cells with Fluorescent Binding Ligands(Dr. Wing-Leung Wong)
11. Potentially Recognization of Oncogene RET G4-DNA by Natural Product Colchicine(Prof. Chunyang Cao)
12. Ligand-Enabled Cross-Coupling Reactions of C-O Electrophiles and Its Potential Application Towards Drugs Discovery(Dr. Chau-ming So)
13. Structural Characterizations of the Autophagic SNARE Proteins(Prof. Lifeng Pan)
14. CCCTC-Binding Factor (CTCF) as a Novel Therapeutic Target for Hepatocellular Carcinoma(Dr. Chi-Bun Ko)
15. Probing Interactomes and Drug Targets by Affinity Purification Coupled with Quantitative Proteomics(Prof. Jingwu Kang)
16. Supramolecular Transformation of Lanthanide Helicates and Cages with C2-Symmetric Ligands(Dr. Chi-tung Yeung)
17. Modulating MiTFactiviy Through Small Molecular Compounds by Nature and by Us(Prof. Jing Wang)
18. Deriving Antimicrobial Peptides from S. aureus Toxins(Dr. Kin Fai Cha)
19. Multiple Reasons to Develop Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetase Inhibitors (Prof. Pengfei Fang)
20. Recent Progress in Asymmetric Cross-Coupling(Prof. Wenjun Tang)